Lakes Alive Evaluation - 2019

We’re carrying out this survey to help us learn more about our audiences and how we can give them the best possible experience. The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete. Anything you tell us will be kept confidential, is anonymous and will only be used for research and development purposes. The information you provide will be held by FUZE Research and shared Audience Agency for research and development purposes only; on behalf of the Lake District National Park.

Q1Which of the following describe your motivations for visiting Lakes Alive today?
Q2And which of these was your MAIN motivation? (Circle one only)?
Q3Who are you with today?
Q4Have you attended Lakes Alive before?
Q5If yes, have you visited Lakes Alive before (tick one only)

We are very interested in better understanding how you planned your visit to Lakes Alive.

Q7Which of the following had you seen or heard before your visit today? Please tick all which you had seen or heard about Lakes Alive prior to your visit

Please tick all that apply.
Q8And which of these gave you the strongest encouragement to visit? (Circle one only)

Please tick all that apply.
Q9Overall, how would you rate the marketing of the Lakes Alive festival?
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